ramalan cihuy...

Ramalan?? percaya ga' percaya lah...
tapi ga' ada salahnya sih nyoba ngeramal tentang aku sendiri, hehehe...

Ini hasil ramalannya dari sebuah situs...
(sebenernya tahu dari Dimas sih, dari blognya Dimas, ckckckck, ngikut yah Dim...)

Blasius Abram Agastya Wisesa

You are Blue Monkey, who is always smiling and are extremely cheerful.
That is your selling point.
If you can keep your cheerfulness, you would be able to lead a good life.

You have a big heart and are person of broad mind.
You are also very curious, and therefore can not leave still something that you don't know.
You tend to barge into almost everything.
You are a great researcher, and want to master one thing thoroughly.

You are hard worker, and have a persistence to finish what you have started no matter what.
Nevertheless, the wish to quickly make ideals come true makes you impatient, and may lead to unpredictable failures.

You tend to have sharp temper and are little bit too self confident.
And if this character comes out, it could lead to resentment.
But don't try to fear failures.
If you follow the road, you won't have to experience failures, and you will definitely be able to gain success.

You are good at making judgment on situations.
Your strength when it comes to a showdown is fantastic.
Dedication and efforts towards work is extremely strong.
You bring up results constantly.

Although you care about the others, you have a narrow range of acquaintance, and therefore may be suited as a specialist or a researcher.

menarik juga kalau ngeliat hasil di atas, hihihi...
ada yang nyerempet-nyerempet, tapi ada juga tuh yang bener!! waw...


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